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I dont receive a ticket betting €10 in sports.


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I bet € 10 in a sports market and I did not get the pro poker ticket. I questioned the attendant and he said that I did not bet enough. They said I had to bet BRL55. but I bet BRL47. €1 is 4,37BRL. €10 is BRL44. I cant believe. Screenshot_20190603-182624_1.thumb.png.14b9f7b22d56ac2fe7661873e7d96326.png


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Hi @Gogogo ,

I have added a freeroll ticket to your account.

I don't know which exact conversation rate was measured but you were just at the edge.

To be safe I would go slighter higher  (for example 50 BRL) in the future, as you were just a few cents over 10 EUR and I don't know how the rate was calculated yesterday.


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