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Joined anouther rubbish site


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Well just joined depoisted 100 pound on a game i know pays some good wins abonus rounds but nothing on here see this with other sites the same just takes and never gives the good wins or bonus rounds on the game like my other sites do carnt see me being on here long and again its another site were you carnt contact anyone about it made this misake before so wont last long your loss

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Hi @Lozza1985, Welcome to the Community :) 
Sorry to hear that you didn't have luck with the slots, it's more a matter of luck than anything else. Our slots have an RTP ruffly ranging from 90% to 97%, meaning that 90 to 97% of the money that is played on the slots returns to the players in the form of winnings. This is of course certified by impartial companies like e-cogra for example, companies that monitor our activity ensuring that the payouts are fair and within the promised range, you can find them on the bottom of the homepage at the "Security and Trust" section.


We have some nice wins recorded here in the community as well in the Casino competitions that we organize, our members can attest to that as well.

Anyways, I wish you better luck next time and I do hope that you do decide to stay with us :) here in the Community and on Unibet alike.


Former Community Moderator
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