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Lost a game ?


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Unibet say I hav lost a game. Kopervik  - Djerv1919 2-1 it ended they say.
Today they have change the name on the to Kopervik - Djerv1919, yesterday it was Djerv1919- Kopervik . Sow it locks like I have lost. But the game ended not 2-1 but 4-2 to Djerv1919-Kopervik.
So It's a win for me.
Is this normal. !!!!


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Hi @Mkk78 and welcome to the community!

Bets are settled incorrectly about 0.5% of the time, so it's definitely not normal and actually very rare :)

If your bet is a winner you should of course get the money, so I'll have the bet checked with our Sportsbook and they can correct the error. Just to try and speed things along, do you have any link or the like to a site that shows the 4-2 score?


Former Community Manager
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