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Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos? Interupted


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Hi @Rscadude ,

If an event is ‘abandoned’ after starting, all bets that have already been decided (e.g. first goal scorer when the first goal has already occurred) will be settled as normal.

Undecided bets will only be settled if an official result is announced within 36 hours. If the event is rescheduled so it starts within 36 hours, all undecided bets will be declared void.

If the date/time of your event changes before it starts, take note of the new start time. If it is more than 72 hours before or after the original time, your bet will be voided. Bets on an event moved less than 72 hours will still stand.

Due to this, this part of your coupon was settled at odds 1.00 while you of course get the winnings fromt the rest of the bets :)


Former Community Manager
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