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Why is the amount of betting options so limited here?


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As I like to bet on 'player does not score', this website is so dissapointing....

Take the game Napoli-Salzburg for example.


I wanted to bet on Dries Mertens does not score.

Contacted live support this morning and he told me he'd request the odd. Very soon afterwards i got an e-mail stating that for each team, only 2 players are chosen to 'not score', and that Mertens would probably start on the bench. What the hell is the reasoning behind this? If a player starts on the bench the bet is voided either way, no?

Now, the lineup is available more than 1h before the game and Mertens is in the starting lineup (as i assumed), and Insigne is not (the insigne bet is worthless now since its a void bet no matter what).

But still, the bet against Insigne is up and for Mertens is not. Contacted live support over it and they tell me its 'way to late to request an odd for this game'.

What the hell??


So dissapointed, really willing to throw >100€ on it as soon as it would come up (with an odd of probably 1.7-1.9)....


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@TDW, I've forwarded this to our Sportsbook executive to have a closer look at what can be done.

In the case of Chelsea - Napoli match, 2 players were selected / team not to score. I'm pushing to have a broader variety of players not to score for future events.



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