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Internet connection lost and all money gone


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Dear Unibet team

I recently had an internet break and could not be online for 20 minutes while I was playing poker,
I think this situation is very bad and I'm going for the first time. I was just playing poker,
namely sit and go tournament and a 200 singularity tournament.
Now that I have internet again, I see that I have been eliminated at both tournaments because of this terrible
internet interruption. I expect your understanding and would really like you to deposit my money back.
I am waiting for your cooperation and that you will transfer my money back to my account with user number.
In this way my trust in your service will be maintained and I will continue my playing behavior with your services.
I would like to thank you for your cooperation, dedication and understanding and I look forward to your return.

With sincere greetings,

Loyal Unibet Customer

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Hi @Salozas, welcome to the Community :)

We had a look and indeed we can see that there was a disconnection with these 2 tournaments above so we re added you the tickets as a goodwill. Was there an error on our side which caused this disconnection or was it your internet provider which had a timeout? It won't affect your tickets no matter who's "fault" it was, but if it was on our side, we might like to request a bit more details and possibly investigate it.



Former Community Moderator
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