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Wish upon Jackpot bonus


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Im curretly playing wish upon jackpot with 4€ bet. I get bonus, but it won´t start, it just crashes. When I restart the game, it says ´connection to server was lost, you have previous game etc´ and then game crashes. I can see that I get 20x from my account. Well done unibet. Im curretly thinking to switch provider with this nonsense. Where can I find live support ?

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Hi @buNJABi, welcome to the community first of all and my sincere apologies for the inconveniences.
The live chat option is available through the Help Center but it won't be offered at first. A player would need to navigate through the troubleshooting options found there and I quote:
"You can try to clear your cache & cookies, then reload and resume your game.
If your casino game is stuck either due to your internet connection or a technical fault, all data will be stored and no money will be lost.
If you still needed to take an action (decide whether to hit, stand or split in blackjack for instance) the game will re-open ready for you to make your decision when you get your connection back or when you refresh the page.
If the game does not continue from where you left off, this indicates the game continued in the background during the disconnection and any winnings will have been credited to your account."

However if this does not help we are more than happy to have a closer look and fix this for you. What we would need in order to further investigate any error in this case is the following:

  1. A confirmation that you have tried to resume the game in at least 2 different browsers or another device + cleared cache/cookies etc. 
  2. Screenshot if possible

 Let us know below regarding the above info and we'll get to work if it's not fixed.



Former Community Moderator
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