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I dont play freerolls at all because they dont have any value is time consuming is not worth at all , but for people who really has nothing to do and rather than play a backgammon game might play a freeroll.

from my expirience i know that most of the people registered in freerolls with non value ( 25 , 50 100 ) with 800 people registered in that tournament more than 70% are multiaccounters.The biggest mistake mostly poker rooms are doing is accepting them to be part withour verification method .After they get in the money they distroy other games as cash games or sng doing chip dumping , colluding etc. So is 3 in 1 negative and was starting with an inofensinve account creating.

what they mostly do to run more unibet clients? is mostly easy cause they are using a program to allow multiply the clients (fake computers) or mostly they register with 4 accounts and each time they are out start playing with another one .

My proposal to avoid multiaccounters not only in poker ,they might be also bonus hunters etc. ,  is to :

1.after account was created they should send papers for validation within 15 days ( mostly french poker sites has this and is indeed the best of the best by sending a letter at home adress with a private code ) .during this period he is not allowed to take part in any Unibet games after he is not making 1 deposit.

2.because i know Unibet dont ask any id  for verification even if you cash out up to 1k euro they might introduce the deposit rule after creating account.If they dont make any deposit they have restriction in any games, promotions etc.


If you have any ideas you my post here.


I left 888poker because of those fraudulent things .Not because they multiaccounts to play freerolls but because after they are in the money in those games and they collude in the games i play.

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Hey Robert here the writing is good myself stopped playing poker on the side that behaves strangely but if I were right, you'd play on betting at Unibet when they have a good freeroll Mondays on Thursdays if you placed a bet of € 10   400-600 Players but after 1 hour so you are on the prize ... won some time each among the 3 a few times on wins you get 250 euros a good tipps

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Let's start with what I agree with: freerolls aren't very valuable for players because of the time sunk into playing them. That's why we don't use them as promos very often.

But on to what I don't agree with, and there's a lot.

"More than 70% are multiaccounts" is from the bureau of made up statistics. We have good methods for detecting multiaccounting. We also have very good systems for detecting chip dumping and collusion, so freerolls hardly "destroy the cash games". Furthermore, we award a few hundred euros per day in freerolls, while cash game turnover is measured in the millions, so even if they could destroy the games, the impact would be miniscule.

We don't use freerolls a great deal. We have some daily ones because we want people to be able to try the client out, and play money doesn't work very well. We also include them in promotions sometimes, but not very heavily.

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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In regards to community promotions and multi accounts/bonus abuse.

The below was recently added to the community guidelines, and we've got a zero tolerance towards multiaccounts - the first customers have been excluded already. We've got quite a lot of systems in place to detect multiaccounts, and we're also manually checking the community accounts at least a couple of times a week.

Contribute with quality. We understand that it might be tempting to try and game the system, when we've campaigns and promotions linked to the community activity. However, if we're convinced that you're only on the community to make use of the campaigns, we might take action; typically we'll exclude you from the promotions. Please also note that the ranking formula is quite complex, and just posting a lot of content wont really get you anywhere. 

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