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The UK 0.20c Qualifiers.


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I've just played my first 0.20c UK Tour qualifier and although a sample size of 1 is not significant in any way I'd like to post some thoughts while it is fresh in my memory.

Started 11.20 B.S.T. with 11-12 players, and it was only after two hands I remembered it was a re-buy when the guy on my left suddenly had 4,900 chips from a start of 2,500 when there had been no action.:wonder:

The first hand I played (16th) was only because I was in the bb, it was checked every street and I won.👍🤣


My first significant action was hand 21.

A min raise, I 3bet and one caller.


I went all in on what looked like a safe flop, he folded.


Hand 24 saw multiple limpers including me out of the sb. This was also checked down all the way when the last to act on the river made a min bet which I called fully expecting to see his Ace.


One small pot won a little later and it's add on time. There were 30 original entries, 16 re-buys and 10 add ons from 21 left in. The next level was 300, I had 4,400 so less than 15 bb's and no idea wether this would be enough, so I added on.

21 left in, 11 x 1e tickets and 0.20c for 12th place. 

I didn't play another hand and came 8th with over 8,000 chips left, absolutely amazed by how it played out. There were the usual debatable shoves and the usual debatable calls but nothing that you don't see every day. I can only think that if I hadn't added on my small stack would have been attacked more, but I was 8th out of 21 after that and remained 8th.:Smile:

30 entries, rebuys and add ons left 12 places in a field of 30, 40% paid out and absolutely suiting someone with just a bit of patience, they may not all play like this but I will certainly be trying more in the New Year.


"Let the chips fall where they may"          image.gif.2984c907c63151493f6e0f79ede0a9bb.gif

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