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hey @bingojay,

@EatMoreNaga is correct, we would need a little bit more info to show you in the right direction.

This is actually some advice for anyone that is looking to improve his/her game: Ask the right questions, add the right information.

First of all, specify the gametype: NLHE is the most common on unibet, but Omaha is available as well.

Second: Specify whether it's Cashgames, Tournaments, or Sit&Go's. Even Banzai on Unibet requires a very special approach, so don't just add it to cashgames.

Third: Add the stakes, because not only does it matters due to the other players at these stakes doing very stake-dependant things, it also gives people that are willing to give some advice an idea how much you understand of the game, and how complex our advice can be.

Extra: If you are aware of an issue, don't be afraid to mention it. For example: you notice how you rarely win a showdown, you get pushed out of a pot too often postflop, you don't know what to do when people reraise you a lot preflop etc. All those things have very different answers, but will make it a lot easier for other people to help you in that area.

Last thing: Don't just accept the answers as truth. Be gratefull of the answers, but always critical about them, check the math side of the answers etc. Or ask the guy that answered how you can verify the math by doing it yourself (probably the best way, because it teaches you a lot about the game)

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I'm the opposite I struggle to get in profit live, but on-line I can't stop winning !

OK I only play micro stakes, but I don't think I have ever put money into the Unibet site, and I take money out every few months.

I am happy for @JeppeL or someone to confirm.

I see the difference being boredom, Live I play too many hands on-line I do other stuff as well and play much tighter.

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