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Poker App On Mac OX Mojave


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Glad I'm not the only one having the problem!

I updated to Mojave on Tuesday and the client was working fine until Wednesday night but broke when the Unibet update was pushed. The client either hangs when it opens (and you have to force a quit) or it passes the splash screen but doesn't bring up the login boxes:


I've tried cleaning the Caches directory and reinstalling but this doesn't resolve the issue.

Here's the log:

*** Logging started
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Unibet Poker
OS : OS X Version 10.14 (Build 18A391)
GPU vendor : Intel Inc.
GPU model : Intel HD Graphics 4000 OpenGL Engine
GPU driver : 4.1
Max texture size: 16384
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Initializing startup module...
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Startup file parsed
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] CoherentUI Initialized
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Casino in Poker service initialized
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Startup resources requested
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Loading common assets ...
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] [CASsetsManager] Texture Atlas atlas_poker_startup successfully loaded. Q: 0
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] [CASsetsManager] Texture Atlas poker_loading_screen_animation successfully loaded. Q: 0
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Common assets loading completed
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Layout created
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Reading cached settings ...
[27-09-2018 22:18:21] Initializing remote assets...
[27-09-2018 22:18:22] [CASsetsManager] Texture avatar_500.png successfully loaded. Q: 1
[27-09-2018 22:18:22] Initializing lobby...
[27-09-2018 22:18:22] [CASsetsManager] Texture Atlas atlas_poker_common successfully loaded. Q: 2
[27-09-2018 22:18:22] [CASsetsManager] Texture Atlas atlas_cards1 successfully loaded. Q: 2
[27-09-2018 22:18:22] [CASsetsManager] Texture Atlas atlas_4color_cards1 successfully loaded. Q: 2
[27-09-2018 22:18:22] [CASsetsManager] Texture Atlas atlas_simple_cards1 successfully loaded. Q: 2
[27-09-2018 22:18:23] Lobby connected
[27-09-2018 22:18:23] Lobby loaded


Hopefully a fix will be provided soon!

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Sorry haven't found a solution yet :sad:

I'd assumed that the Unibet client would have been tested against Mojave considering Apple made it public at the end of June. 

As you mentioned, the web client doesn't seem to allow for multi-tabling so I'm having to play elsewhere until a fix is found.

With any luck they'll sort it early next week 👍

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Hi Guys @LynxLynx@RubberBanditHrs@Evilsm1le.

We have reached out to our provider regarding this issue, cheers for the screenshots and the log description, the more information we have on this the better. As soon as an answer is received from them we'll be sure to update you guys here in this thread. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


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Hi guys, indeed the Poker provider has been briefed about the issue and are curently on a hotfix to solve this issue. I've inquired about an estimate timeframe regarding this. Thank you guys for your patience and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


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Hey @Maengija,

we are aware this has been going on for a while.

We are working on a fix for it, it's unfortunately not that easy and quite a lot of other apps are apparently effected by this, not just us.

While we are working on a fix, we are also hoping on an update from Apple's side since it has lead to quite a few issues on other 3rd party providers.

In the meantime, I can not do anything else except suggesting you to use the browser version for now.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused

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Hi @Patric-Unibet,

Seems odd that the software provider is blaming Apple for this issue as my Unibet Poker client was working after upgrading to Mojave.  It broke on Wednesday 26th of Sept when the Unibet client prompted to install an update.

Apple made Mojave available as a public beta in June, hence it seems quite poor that the development/release team weren't testing against it during this time. 

As mentioned by others, the web client isn't effective for multitabling and uses an excessive amount of CPU vs the native client.

I really like the UI of the Unibet software and I prefer it to other sites. I'm just a bit dissapointed that there hasn't been a swifter response to this issue :dissatisfied:


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Hi @RubberBanditHrs,

I wish I could you a better solution for now but I can't.

If you really want to play on desktop, the only at the moment would be to downgrade from Mojave, you can find info on here.

The devs are working on getting it fixed and I will let you know once there is any progress.

We are really sorry about the long duration of that issue.


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Hi Patrick,
I just updated my mac to Mojave last night and I do get the issues described earlier in this post. I just can`t get the client startet. Even after reinstalling a few times, it doesn`t work. Does anyone else have the same issues?

I hope the client will run soon again.


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