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My unibet client stop responding:/


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@bergmusa  I had the same issues after the update on 22.08

You may try this:


I'll paste here my answers to another member for your convenience:

" You could try clean reinstall - remove every file and folder associated with Unibet Poker (you could cut/paste elswhere the Poker_log to send it to the tech guys though). Then clean the registry (CCleaner) and even optimize your system - AdvancedSystemCare, AVGTuneUP or some other program if you have the time and nerve.

And most importantly (almost no issues since then 10th day already) - download a fresh exe. and then install Unibet Poker into another drive (not into the default system one which is Local Disk C: on my laptop). "


" Yes you should uninstall it, download fresh copy and before installing it get rid of the files or even the folders where are the residual files.

You might want to save (in another folder) the crash dumps and esp. the Poker_log to be examined by the tech guys.

Here are the paths at least on my system, but replace GothMoth with your username and you'll find them:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Unibet Poker - the default installation folder


C:\Users\GothMoth\AppData\Roaming\Unibet Poker

C:\Users\GothMoth\Documents\Unibet Poker - here is the Poker_log "


I hope this will help you :Smile:

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