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Team Collector Poker World Cup Mission


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Hello, i have a small question for today about this:


  • The €50K raffle will be held on the 19th of July and the draw of the top 26 prizes will be streamed on Twitch.


Does anyone know on what kind of chanell , and the hour when will start this thing? I need to know for tomorrow.


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Hi @4soul

David VanDerHeyden will be hosting the draw on his channel 20:00 CEST. 

Watch live video from DaVitsche on www.twitch.tv

It will aslo be available on the Unibet channel:

Watch live video from UnibetPoker on www.twitch.tv

We will be crediting the prizes Friday morning, and contacting the winning players over the next few days.

Will be updating the this post with a link to the winners of the draw tomorrow.  

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