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Rolling expiry date cash game tickets


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I'm going on a holiday soon, for longer than a week. But I still have some cash game tickets that I won't be able to clear before leaving.

Since ticket exchanges have stopped, this raised some questions. I feel that with stopping the ticket exchange requests overall (so the requests to extend/revive tickets as well), you kind of threw the baby out with the bathwater.

I get that you wanted to stop people converting their Omaha tickets into Holdem ones if the goal was to attract new people to Omaha. Or to stop people breaking down target tournament ticket into qualifiers because then target tournament doesn't get enough players in. I can understand the reasoning behind that.

But also taking away the possibility to extend the expiry date of a ticket (or to revive it) was unnecessary in my opinion. Especially for a site that caters to recreationals. You countered it a bit for MTT tickets by making their expiry date longer (which was a good thing).

But you didn't adjust for cash game tickets. The rolling expiry date is still 7 days which is really short. So if you go on a holiday for longer than 7 days, you just lose all your money on the cash game tickets. Especially if you know that there are some countries where you can't (or aren't allowed to) login on Unibet. And even if you're in a country where you can/may login, I think a customer should still be able to take a week off from playing/logging in when he's on a holiday. I'm assuming even Unibet employees are able to do that so customers should be definitely able as well.

So I think giving cash game tickets a 14 day rolling expiry date would be a good start. Maybe another way is to make it possible to put those cash game tickets on hold until you get back? Just trying to think of better ways to handle these problems. Maybe others can chime in with suggestions.


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Hi @BroederTuck, Honest review and good points altogether buddy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

So, might I start by stating the obvious fact that we all know by now, some of the main reasons of implementing the new exchange system are already mentioned in your post above.

It is a way in which traffic becomes a bit more predictable, can be directed and it indeed saves allot of time and energy for some people (myself included :) ).

About the Cashgame ticket rolling expiry, personally I wouldn't say that 7 days is unreasonable to see a flop in order to extend it by another week but in your situation when you would rather be waist deep in the ocean with 3 Mai Tai's in your hands :P I get that you would rather not have to log in and see that one flop.

We are no strangers to manual adjustments either here and there as a one time . We understand that people are not robots, they have a life outside poker, most of our job here in the community starts by putting ourselves in the player's shoes for a different perspective on things.

But to make a long story short, your Cash game ticks and the MTT's expiring early to mid July are extended are till you come back from your holiday.


Enjoy :)

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