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Ticket Exchange within the Poker Client


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I'm sure it can get tedious to manually have to exchange poker tickets, so how about an option within the Poker Client. Here's the idea:

- Click 'View Profile' & Under 'Create New Identity' There is a 'Ticket Exchange' tab

- Once you click 'Ticket Exchange' it asks you to select the tickets you want to exchange. Once you select, you click 'next' & it shows you what they can be exchanged with.

- After you select the conversion option you like, you click 'Exchange Tickets'

- It will ask you to confirm.


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Jonnys link nails it. Shop v1 due Sept-Oct and instead of getting tickets for challenge/mission completion you get points you can spend in the store. It'll make ticket exchanges almost obsolete. 

A conversion option in the client would have been great though :) You could argue not having it has helped grow this community and the 2+2 one so it's swings and roundabouts :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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