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World Cup referee overview


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When betting on things like penalties and cards, the referee is quite an important factor, so I thought I'd share a table with some key details for the WC referees. All international matches included (national teams playing, Europa League, Champions League etc.)

Name# matchesYellow cardsRed cardsPenalties
Wilmar Roldan1215,360,600,31
Sandro Ricci744,840,430,26
Julio Bascuñan664,760,230,23
Nestor Pitana804,750,260,20
Matthew Conger264,460,270,42
Alireza ❤️♥️❤️hani1054,400,240,30
Milorad Mazic1124,310,250,27
Enrique Caceres854,260,210,27
Joel Aguilar1234,200,280,19
Andres Cunha424,170,240,21
Damir Skomina1414,110,180,19
Nawaf Abdulla Shukralla984,050,230,20
Cüneyt Cakir1333,980,210,27
Felix Brych1153,850,260,31
Gianluca Rocchi903,840,280,36
Bjorn Kuipers1293,810,190,29
Szymon Marciniak763,750,260,38
Mark W. Geiger563,730,230,27
Antonio M. M. Lahoz723,600,170,26
Ravshan Irmatov1603,450,260,13
Clement Turpin753,400,240,37
Ghead Grisha693,330,120,30
Sergey Karasev773,290,210,39
Ryuji Sato823,260,150,16
Mohammed A. H. Mohamed673,180,240,22
Janny Sikazwe953,150,070,23
John Pitti473,090,150,15
Jair Marrufo643,030,230,20
Norbert Hauata732,990,290,30
Mehdi Abid Charef532,870,150,32
Cesar A. R. Palazuelos282,790,110,14
Bakary Papa Gassama1002,730,110,14
Ricardo Montero332,730,120,15
Weyesa Bamlak Tessema652,140,050,17
Malang Diedhiou522,040,150,21
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