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veni, vidi, vici-Zinédine Zidane


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Don't know if I need to write any word about this man.  :inlove:
Biggest man and footballer.  👼

But who is his successor ???105839651_RealM_men.png.2e9fd399fc3095de6a6ebb473b5c091a.png

What do you guys think?

Just was about to post this and asked you why Mauricio Pochettino is the favorite,considering that few weeks ago he extended with Tottenham (5-years deal) ,Unibet (twitter) answered my question.
Apparently,Mauricio have a clause in his new deal that allows him to leave for either Madrid or Paris SG.

What buy-out it could be... 200,000,000€ ???


@MarcoV  can you give us a odds on Zizou-s next stop, if odds are not out.My guess is France national team so if you can make a odds on that ...

Also,can you add Maurizio Sarri in a upper "mix".Would be interesting to see the odds.

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