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Urgent: Problem with UOS E69 Bounty NAno


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@Leo-Unibet  @JeppeL  I believe there is a problem wiht this event:  in the description, it says half our buy in is going to the prizepool and half to our own bounty but only the half of our bounty is credited and there is NO PRIZEPOOL.

The other 2 UOS bounty events have a normal prizepool but not this one.  

So, first, we dont have top/any prizes ... but what i'm wondering is : where is the other half we payed gone to ?   because our bounty is 0.25 per person and i dont see any 0.25 anywhere else.

Just to give you an idea at this time:   449 players and only 112€ in bounties .. where is the rest of the money ???? there should be at least the double ?



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Thanks for the heads up @Mynona - there was an error in the setup of this tournament and we'll be refunding/compensating where necessary within the next 72 hours. The tournament will continue until the end as leaderboard points will still be at stake.

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