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Join the freeroll starting now?


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I have been sneaking around in this comunity readin posts, comment some and just hanging out. I do like it!
Use to be a Facebookmum but as the kids grew up and I had to do the same, and here I am :)
I was happy to see that Unibet community are blessed with a likebuttom aswell. What would life be without it.....

I have not been playing so much poker before I entred Unibet, even though if I  have been playing cards at home. I am a terrible bad looser. I use to play with the youngster but as they grew older they became better and for the sake of their health I let them play without me, claiming I had other things to do.

I want to believe that I am a better champ today but maybe I have just got enough practice to "bite it". I have not broken anything so far even if I have lost, but.......... time will tell.....
As long as I dont win bigtime I will claim that I am only in it for the great fun it is....

As the Facebookmum I have been for years I still have the habit to let my self feel treathend by ugly avatars, and there is almust as many of them here as it is on Facebook. Am trying to focus on the game but I really do let them get to me sometimes. Am working very hard to learn how not to let it get to me.

I have been impressed by  members of the community and their success in poker and I wish I had a litte something to brag over aswell but.... I hope to be able to brag later on.

Figured that as I am sitting here in the middle of the night waiting for one more freeroll before I get out in the rain with my lazy dog, so that I can sleep in in the morning, I might as well write a few lines here.
If anyone is still up, good night/morning to you! Come on and join me on the freeroll starting in a short while! My name is "BabyErnst" and I like soft avatars so put a kind one on and join me!





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