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No auto top-up and no table selection. This is because they want a recreational-friendly environment, and it seems to work, because the games are quite soft, which also benefits the regs in the long run.

Some other things that make Unibet different from other platforms:

  • They have excellent rakeback for low stakes and low volume players through missions, the lowest challenge points payouts, Twitch giveaways, community freerolls, and promotions like moving-on-up. This also helps with keeping the recreational players around.
  • The pokerteam has direct contact with the customers: they are open to feedback through this community and the official unibet 2+2 topic, and do their best to address our questions or concerns.
  • The community mods are very helpfull with whatever problems you might have with the site.
  • They have live events which are accessible to small-stakes players: the packages of €500 for UK Tours and €2000 for Unibet Opens aren't too high, and the ability to convert tickets down again to grind the qualifiers allows people without a big bankroll to qualify, and allows new players to attend their first live event a lot faster than they would be able on any other site.
  • They have a very fun online community and a good athmosphere at their live events. Going to a Unibet event almost feels like going to a friends reunion.


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