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Qualifier payout structure


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Was playing in the Sunday Entitled €5 last chance yesterday and I noticed the payouts went (I think):-

1st - Ticket

2nd-12th - €5

13th - €3.50

Could we not have this pay out €10 instead and pay less? This would at least give any players that didn't get a ticket a chance to hop in the €10 last chance. I understand why the structure is the way it is for UO stuff (to keep the money in the system) but for qualifiers that pay cash it would be nice to earn a little extra if you finish 2nd. The same would apply to the daily qualifiers (Although I can't remember if they pay cash or MTT tickets)

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I have to agree with the OP on this.  Qualifiers for all MTT's on Unibet are raked higher and provide less play than nearly all competitors.  I can overlook a bit of this due to the arguably softer play on Unibet but the recycled rake aspect with the payouts is a big turn off.  Why not convert the leftover cash into the highest ticket that offers satellites to that target MTT.  For the Saturday stack as an example all leftover cash should be distributed as 25eu tickets.

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