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Live Blog - UK Poker Tour Nottingham 2017 - Day 1A


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Good afternoon everyone! Welcome to the live Unibet community blog.

For the first time this season we will be bringing you live updates from the Unibet UK Poker Tour right here on the community website. 😃

After successful events in Brighton and Glasgow, we have arrived at the Alea Casino Nottingham for leg three.

My name is Aaron, and I will be here to provide you with details of all the action as it happens. As a poker writer and player, I'm looking forward to all of you getting involved in the community this weekend! I know the Unibet UK Tour well having finished in 7th place in Brighton and 19th in Glasgow, so I am here to answer all your questions.

Rail your favorite Unibet ambassadors and friends doing battle in Nottingham! Reply to the blog for any chip update requests.

The play is just about to get underway for Day 1A. As normal, the buy-in is £200+£20 with a £40,000 guarantee.  We will play out 12 40-minute levels today.

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Good evening everyone!

My name is Josh and I will also be providing regular updates from the third leg of the Unibet UK Tour here in Nottingham. 

For those of you that don't know me, I am a student journalist and aspiring poker writer. I provided the community site with updates at the Unibet Open in Copenhagen in May, which I hope most of you enjoyed. 

Myself and Aaron will be keeping you entertained with regular stories and updates from the play here in Nottingham over the weekend, so be sure to keep an eye on this thread over the next few days for regular updates. 

Aaron will be updating you all on the status of the Unibet Ambassadors in the early stages of Day 1A shortly.


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The play is underway, and the Unibet ambassadors are in the house! 

It's a battle of the Twitch streamers on table 10 as Ian Simpson is once again up against David Lappin.  So that should bring plenty of drama!

All players have started with a 25,000 stack with blinds at 25/50, and on table two we have Unibet graphic extraordinaire Willie Elliot sandwiched between David Vanderheyden and Rauno 'Ben' Tahvonen.

Elsewhere in the room,  Daiva Bryne and Dara O'Kearney are also in action as the study partners look to build a healthy stack going into Sunday's final day.

Ben was the last ambassador standing in Glasgow after achieving a fantastic third-place finish for £ 4,700.



But who are you backing to win this weekend's last longer? Let us know your thoughts.

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Lost One!

We have our first casualty here in Nottingham. Axat Mawji who has travelled all the way from Surrey was on the wrong end of a river cooler, as his wheel was beaten by the 2nd nut flush.

Axat had limped A4o utg and called a 4x raise from utg+1 with blinds at 50/100.

The flop came down: K♠ 2x 3x

A c-bet from the pre flop raiser saw a call from Axat, which then brought an 8♠ on the turn.

Axat again called and he thought he’d hit his miracle card when the 5♠ came on the river, and so he led out for just below pot which was around 2300 chips by this point.

The pre flop aggressor then raised to 8000, to which Axat tanked then shoved, only to get snapped off by utg+1 who showed K♠ J♠.

Axat, who ran deep in the Pokerstars Championship Bahamas in January for just under $15,000, has re-entered and is now at a table with not one but two Unibet Ambassadors in David Lappin and Ian Simpson.

Would you have played this hand the same way as Axat? Let us know by replying to the blog with your thoughts.

We have just entered the 3rd level here in Nottingham with blinds at 75/150 and a total of 41 players registered so far. Late registration is open until the end of level 6.

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 So Ian seems to be bluffing David early on here in Nottingham, you check out his explicit tweets on @IanSimpsonPoker, but he is also making some fantastic calls.

With blinds at 50/100, UTG raised to 600 which Ian called in MP and so did the big blind.

A flop of K ♦️ J ♠️ 5 ♠️ was checked to Ian, and he bet 1500. Just the BB made the call, and they were heads-up on the turn.

The 10♣️ interested the BB who led out for 3k, Ian quickly called the bet, and the 7 ♣️ was turned over on the river.

The BB threw four blue 1k chips into the middle, and Ian thought for a few moments before making the call. The BB revealed Q ♠️ 8 ♠️ for a busted flush draw leaving Ian to take down a large pot early on with top pair K ♥️ Q ♦️.

Day 1A is up to 45 entries with 15 minutes of play left before the first break of the evening. 

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Daiva on the charge!

Unibet Ambassador Daiva Byrne just moved up to around 35,000 in chips as we approach the first break here in Nottingham.

After raising to 400 utg with blinds at 75/150, the cut off and button both flatted, which resulted in a squeeze to 1800 from the big blind.

Daiva called, and so did the cut off and the button. The board came down T 9 5 rainbow, and the big blind snap bet 3k. Daiva flatted, which got rid of both the cut off and the button.

The turn brought a Q, with the board now reading T 9 5 Q.

The big blind checked and so did Daiva. River came another 5 making a no-flush board of: T 9 5 Q 5.

The big blind checked for a second time, and Daiva thought about it and bet 10k, to which the BB snap called. Daiva showed KJ suited for the nut-straight. The player in the big blind showed his KK and mucked.

So a good start for Daiva who sits comfortably above the starting stack of 25k now.


Players are now on break here in Nottingham after three levels of play. Top chip counts and other notable name chip counts coming soon, so keep an eye out for the next post!

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Top three chip stacks! 

The first break of Day 1A is over and the players have enjoyed a lovely surprise pizza supper courtesy of the Alea Casino. 

The 49 feed players have returned to blinds at 100/200. 

Leading the way are: 

Hanif Mohammed  - 42k

@MathrimC - 40k


Michel Sealtiel - 37.5k

With all the Unibet ambassadors still in play, there is plenty of opportunities for their 100euro UK Tour bounty to be won! 

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Ambassador Update!

We’ve just come back from a break here in Nottingham and I thought it’d be a good idea to let you know how our Ambassadors are doing.

Daiva Byrne currently holds the largest stack of the ambassadors sitting on just over 35k, closely followed by David Vanderheyden and Rauno Tahvonen who are both hovering around the 32k mark.

Next up, everyone’s favourite ultra-marathon runner Dara O’Kearney has just below starting stack on 22k, whilst Ian Simpson has had a bit of a recovery and is up to starting stack again after going into the break with 15k.


And finally, the sit n go blow up specialist David Lappin sits on around 20k.

If there’s anyone, in particular, you’d like an update on, be sure to reply to any of these posts and we’ll do our best to give regular updates on hands and stacks.

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Rauno Tahvonen, known to everyone in the Unibet community as Estonian Jesus or more simply, Ben, has just made a very big lay down!

With blinds at 100/200, he faced three limps and raised to around 1.7k. The pot was now 7.1k, and a Q 10 9 flop fell.

The first player to act was not hanging about and moved all of his 11k stack into the middle. Willie Elliot made the call and left Ben in thinking mode.

He was contemplating his next move for some time before eventually slowly moving his hand into the muck.

The all-in player showed K♣ 5 for the flush draw, and Willie turned over the flopped straight with J 8 . The 7  and 10  were enough for Willie to hold and send another player to the rail.  

Ben revealed he folded Aces! A tough but great fold.

Tell us how you would play the Aces facing an all-in and call?310351561_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1a(c)TambetKask-029.thumb.jpg.f9454cd882e61fc61d551540fd5b0fd5.jpg





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Planes, Trains and automobiles...sort of...not really!


The Unibet Community’s very own Adrian Nica (otherwise known as @FeelsBadMan), has taken quite the journey to get here today.

Travelling from Romania, Adrian took a plane as well as two coaches and even a ferry to be able to get here in time to play today.

Now that’s commitment!

Surely if anyone deserves the run good today, it’s you @FeelsBadMan! Take it down!

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William 'HensiePensie' Hens is at the tables! 

Hensie came 11th at Unibet Glasgow back in June and also achieved 4th place in the Unibet €100 Half Billion, just missing out on a top three finish and an EO Special package.

But he is back on the Unibet live felt and in search of that Las Vegas ticket.

With level six almost at an end, 47 of the 63 entries so far remain. 

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We all expected fireworks between Ian and David on Table 10 today, but it's another Unibet ambassador who has been caught up in their action!

Daiva joined Ian and David during level six and was made to decide if she would call Mr Lappin's river bet for the majority of her chip stack.

Watching the action was a building rail, and the hand was reported back to us.

The betting action began with two limps before David raised to 1200 and the pot went multiway.

On a 7 9 6  flop, David c-bet and was called by Daiva and one other player.

The 5  turn brought a check by David and Daiva bet 3k. She got one player to fold, but David made the call.

 On the 6 ♣ river, David lead out and bet near to 1.2x pot and enough to put Daiva to the test for nearly all her stack.

David hilariously pulled his t-shirt over his head to disguise his face (don't worry we have camera footage!), but it worked well as Daiva let her hand go.

Rumours of a big fold are going around the Alea Nottingham card room...but what did she have?

Let us know what you think Daiva and David were holding!1733998557_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1a(c)TambetKask-017.thumb.jpg.149038b3047acfe2d9d1a9e5f3dd4ecb.jpg



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Royal Flush Alert!

Flopping the straight flush is pretty sweet! It rarely happens, and all you are thinking is 'how can I get the most out of this?'.

So imagine having to work out how to play it when you river the royal flush!

Just a minute ago, this must have been what was going through the mind of Pavel Mironov.

With blinds at 300/600 in level 7, Mironov, who is a serial poker casher in Nottingham, opened the action in the cutoff to 1300 and got a call from the player on the button.

The K 10 9  appeared on the flop with both players checking. The Q♠ on turn saw Mironov delay c-bet and got a call. The A  brought about the fourth heart and a bet of 5,800 from Mironov.

The button called and was amused to see Mironov table Q J for the flopped straight flush and rivered the royal flush.

A nice pot for him to take and an even better story to tell.2074825899_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1a(c)TambetKask-072.thumb.jpg.0138989d3fba92e2a185b016899c9e1e.jpg


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Fireworks on Doke’s table

Another hand, another cooler here in Nottingham. On Dara O’Kearney’s table, even though he wasn’t involved it still provided fireworks.

Danny Rohrbasser just won perhaps the sickest pot of the day in which he busted another player in spectacular fashion.

Blinds were 300/600 and Danny raised from the CO to 1300. Both the SB and BB came along.

The flop came T  K  T

After a check from both blinds, Danny c-bet 1200, to which the small blind folded and the big blind then check raised to 5k. Danny eventually called and we went to the turn which was a 6.

The big blind then bet 10k, to which Danny in the CO shoved all in, and the big blind snap called.

Danny turns over T 8 for trip tens, and the big blind then shows T 6 for a turned boat.

To the river then, and Danny needs an eight for the win, or a King or six to chop.

The river comes… 8. A collective mix of ‘wows’ and groans echo around the table as the unlucky man in the big blind got up and left, disgusted by what had just happened to him!

Danny now has a nice stack of nearly 150k stack going into level 8 where the blinds are 400/800.

Let us know your thoughts about this hand by replying to the post.

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