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Dedicated IT - Tech Topic ?

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Since folks could\will have future questions about diffrent "technology" as Browser \ error or generally IT support, maybe have a dedicaded Topic for this under Help ?

I have no problem using my time helping out the coummunity members ,also it maybe take a "load" of the Unibet folks if me and others can resolve things easy and fast..just a thought.

Could be anything from Hardware to Software, diffrent OS to diffrent gadgets ( Windows, Cellphones) and so on. No question or problems are to small or to big, there is always a sollution :)

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Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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I like your suggestion, but at the moment we do have some concerns when it comes to splitting up the help section into different sections. 

I'm excited to hear that you'd love to help fellow community members out with technical problems, for that reason I've created a label called "Technical". What this gives you the option to do is enter the word "Technical" in the search function, then you'll get results for post which other members have labeled as a tech problem.

If anything is unclear about this, please let me know :)

Former Community Manager
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