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Why aren't there micro stakes tournaments?


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 I think you're right, so I've moved this topic to the poker board and hopefully a member of the poker team can explain more about the need(or lack of) for very low level tournaments :)

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@CoxteloDelo Tanks for your feedback and this is a good question to ask.

At the moment we don’t have regular games with stakes below €1 in tournaments and SNGs. Exceptions are our freerolls and centrolls which give you the minimum possible entry level to participate.

The reason for this is that from the start we wanted to keep things clear and accessible and chose €1 as the bottom to avoid spreading out the pool of players too much among different stake levels. Also to make it easier to grind up to higher stakes and not going lower than €1 is more in line with the stakes we offer in our cash games.

We added €2 in between €1 and €4 over time, because we like to make it easier for our players to grind up in stakes. We have low rake at the low end for the same reason and easily unlockable rewards like monthly missions to support our low stake players.

I could imagine we will re-evaluate the possibility of <€1 when we are getting even bigger and have rebuy as a tournament format, which will make those games more appealing too.

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