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Little quest to make some money with RG €25 Free Bet!


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I won a free 25 euro thanks to Andrei and UC Roland Garros Promo today.

The rules of the bet are that it must be wagered:

3 times in sports betting (e.g. if you receive a €50 bonus, you must wager €150 to fulfil the terms)

So I have to wager £75 in total.

This thread is a little challenge to make some money with it, and then I will likely move over to Poker, once it's released.

I bet Volleyball already at 10:1 but traded out for £1 profit. Then my team lost 10 seconds later, or would have had nothing left so that's handy. From now on no trading out though, I guess if you bet something in play, then trade out, it doesn't count towards bonus? But not sure @MarcoV can you clarify please, and also i'm curious does the amount instantly clear to cash if the requirements are met, or is there some time delay thanks!

Anyway for now no more trading out. All betting will be in Play and I'll post in this thread within a few moments of having placed the bet.

First bet coming soon :)bet.png.0d4e83bc1d087eaecc3dd6bba78faaae.png






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Bet 1.

Maybe the first time I supported Taiwan in a sporting event, come on Taiwan :)

I watched the end of the second set, and it seemed reasonably close, and Taiwan have a bit of momentum now, so 17/10 seems nice

Here's hoping they take at least the next set, as Volleyball is first to 3 sets :) lots of entertainment value!bet1.thumb.png.49e345d6a17c472b3df5df135cbeabfd.png





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Oh no poor Taiwan they were getting booed every time they took a shot... I have learnt Tunisia is not a very sporting country when it comes to Volleyball today!

at 10-13 down, it seemed very clear Tunisia were going to get to 15 first, they just had all the momentum and even a dubious net call went their way.

Trade out was £2.00 so I traded out, so the challenge is still just about alive! with £2.35 bankroll left.

Tunisia did indeed go on to win.

Next bet will be very high odds, or an accumulator, as we are going to need to generate a fair bit now to make the £75 wager requirement!

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