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Cashgame sitout/leave table button vanishes

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This is a pretty unimportant bug, sometimes, when you play multiple tables of cashgames and you mess with the sitout states, for example you want to sitout on 3 of your 6 tables, but then a player joins so you change your mind on one, you can end up with one of your tables, usually a different one than the one you were messing with having the leave / sitout button vanish, and it only comes back when you resize the table or you press X and then no don't leave, and in that moment the sitout popup appears. So it seams that something in between the button disappearing and the popup appearing gets stuck somehow. I've checked the logs too, nothing seems out of the ordinary, "sitout mode changed" seems to trigger fine, sitoutmode seems to update fine, it's probably just an animation hiccup for which there are no logs in this build.

In the following video example you can see it happening, obviously I'm messing with the sitout states more to be able to trigger it within a few minutes of play, but it does happen naturally in the wild during normal use, without spamming, as it has happened to me in the past and was reported by @comanimaltoo in January (screenshot of his issue attached below, the banzai table) and reported by @GR1ZZL3R in november 2023 with multiple people confirming that they have also had it.

What is going on in the video at the bottom where it's cut off, left bottom I open the popup and unclick leave next bb at all tables, right bottom I just open the popup don't click anything, middle left I click to open the popup and it vanishes with no popup. I have done multiple sitout state changes before that though.

@comanimal screenshot




@GR1ZZL3R video



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