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  1. I’m guessing you work for these crooks?
  2. Still no luck? No intentions of resolving this
  3. Still no phone call or email? When will this get sorted?
  4. Good luck with getting your account verified, 3 weeks now with no response and a lot of false hope
  5. Doesn’t help there head office is in Gibraltar, they don’t care about other people
  6. Why can’t you look into this for me?
  7. I think they are jokers in all honesty, read the reviews on trust pilot. I have no faith in getting this money from them at all, I wish you luck but keep me updated
  8. In the same boat, from the 22nd of June and nothing has happened. Ring customer service 10+ times to be told to wait, have £400 sat there and cant bet or withdraw, my document has been sat pending for 3 weeks now. I have no faith in Unibet I don’t
  9. Welcome to my world exact same situation as you, all made up lies when you contact them, I would hold out hope with these crooks
  10. I have took legal action to at least bet my stake back £200 stake win over £400 and can’t touch it. I’ve been promised a phone call, wouldn’t mind but there is no email response or updates, these guys are crooks, they will get shut down for holding peoples money, if you deposit £400 and lose that is ok, when you withdraw they freeze your account. Absolute jokers
  11. Tell me about it. All my documents are legit and no one has had the decency to even verify the document, got a response in the first 2 hours say my first 2 were fine and PayPal wasn’t, so updated it and nothing since the 22nd
  12. I was told on live chat, it is all bollocks mate they have no intention of verifying these documents, all bullshit excuses every time you speak to someone. Been promised 7 times to have a call back and heard nothing. The reviews on trust pilot back up the experience I am having.
  13. Mate in the same boat as you 22nd of June my documents were sent and no one has verified them, takes the piss big time. That is a lot of money I only have £340 but it’s mine and I want it withdrawing, the guy who was supposed to be dealing with my account got sacked. What a load of bollocks. Unibet is a joke
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