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  1. Wait, that means, players from my country are also banned from all other promotions like 1000 and 3000 Mission Special? Is there any explanation why? Will you guys create any replacement for us?
  2. What!!!!Why? So my tickets just expire or can you replace them with something else?
  3. Hello guys, want to play tonight at 7pm, but there is no tournament available. Where is it? Need help soon, cause otherwise the ticket will expire tomorrow. Thank you a lot
  4. Hello guys, i remember, there was a message, that from today we can play in the windows client again, so 've downloaded the new client version today and it still says "do to regulations, etc". Deinstalled the old version, so it was a clean installation. Any update on that issue?
  5. @Stubbe-Unibet If I go to that link of your over the phone, I only get a message "this page is not available for your device" :(
  6. @Stubbe-Unibet how about the new client promotion? Step 3 and 4 requires to use a mobile device, but the ios app is blocked in Germany. Any solutions?
  7. @Stubbe-Unibet @JeppeL The promotion of today is not visible in the calender, but it was available in my bonus area of my account. Paid the 20€, got the confirmation, but when I access the gorilla kingdom, no free spins are available:( Please help
  8. Hey guys, I'm gonna have a vacation in the United States for 2 weeks. Can I play Unibet poker while i'm there?
  9. one guy plays with the name gestapo1989. Its the official secret police of Nazi Germany. A very inappropriate name, imho.
  10. LordOfPoka


    Hmm,I don't think that many player at Unibet even know the rules of Razz.So there will be just empty tables.
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