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Just want to remind about betting on basketball and want to share some tips


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So today i betted 1000usd on Cleverland cavalier to win aginst  Boston Celtic and i betted pre -match which i couldn't cash out if  all thing went bad and it did  in the 2nd. haft!!  and i just found out that if i betted live game cash out option would be enable ( i was so dumb)

Before i betted i analyzed that CLE have home advantage and  the oppononent top scorer Isaiah Thomas wasn't going to play this game and CLE won easily on the last 2 games aginst Celtic on their  homeground. so i was extremly confident that CLE  will win easily  so i betted 1000usd on this game,  and the game ended 108-111  I losed 1000usd today  but yeah i have to move on  

So i want to remind you guys that even though the favorite team has so much advantage like this game, the favorite still can lose!  and NEVER put tons of money on low odds like i did ( i betted around 250usd on  CLE to win aginst Bos with odds 1,03) and the rest on handicap  with odds 1,40 

HERE 2 simple tips that i learnt after losing the bet

1. Patience is they key to keep making profit because If i could wait just fews more hours or days,  I could have placed bet on another game  that have better odds and better chance to win the bet e.g. Ajax vs Man U on this wendesday ( i'm pretty confident that Man U can't hold clean sheet i'm going to bet it)

2.If something bad happends about your bet, JUST cash out except you are huge confident about you'll win the bet. It is better to lose some of your bet than losing all of your bet!.  and If you already got profit of your bet and you feel or you know that you might lose your bet, then don't hesitate to cash out 

TBH i'd cash out before 2.nd half on this game when CLE got  a huge leads on Celtic but i couldn't,  i just knew that on this site  you bet pre-match on handicap, you couldn't cash out unlike bet365 where you can cash out pre-match  

PS. some people say it's a fixed match,  what do you guys think ?


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I feel sorry for your loss :( But if you are aware that no cash out on moving lines (https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Help-Support/Am-i-the-only-one-who-can-t-cash-out-when-choose-alternative/m-p/87909#M3373) you should be more careful. Or take my advice from that other thread and place a +hc or ML on Boston when they are 21 points down to make sure the profit instead of cash out. Can happen that both bets win!

There are many fixed match even on this level, im very very sure about. But Cavs vs GSW is something has to happen, so i dont think maffia or NBA wanna hurt the Cavs. On the other hand, Cleveland must make it in four. Why? Because GSW will do too, and to be fresh is very important in a potential 7 game series. And actually it makes no sense. Some team playing smart for the extra money, playing home an extra game (FA Cup is a perfect example, draw away, and take the game home for extra revenue) but in this case they have to play 6 games in this series to be back in CLE (6th game will be in Cleveland) what is too much comparing GSW`s 4. 

I think they just took it too easy, lost concentration and rhytm (happened with them many times in regular season), and because Boston didnt give up, they lost. IMO simple as that. Next game -20 AH on Cavs!!!

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