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Finished banzai ticket WOOO + bug report with ticket


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I wonder what percentage of the people actually do manage to finish these tickets, but if I had to guess i'd say under 1%. However, we managed to finish up our 3 euro banzai NL 1 ticket at 40.01€ after 350 flops, HYPE! ^_^  

I know the forum had a bug report thread, but i can't find it now, so i'll just report it here. 
Bug: many ( like rly many ) times the rebuy option changed to cash instead of ticket during playing, and i had to left the tables million times due to it, really annoying one. There should be an option to be able to change between ticket / cash when rebuying. 

Also, I kinda find the 350 flops too much for a banzai ticket ._.


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