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Can guys add other format at sngs than 5ppl?


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Can guys add other format at sngs than 5ppl ?

I know its a different format (wich kinda protect the people because other site dosent have this format) , but this format its verry tilting (even if i played alot of games in my poker carier) ( i guess regs hating the format its actual good for ya ) format high variance kinda crazy timebank its kinda rip ( this way i guess fun player enjoy and don t get bored )

I wanna (waste my time) playing here but games are to crazy almost not profitable and verry tilting (something fishy)

9mans i guess will be to easy for regs ( and that will no t be so good i guess)

Add some 8mans ( with a strange structure like u guys did with 5mans)so that will take for everyone , but atleast games would no tb e so retarted

And that anouncements of promo wins are so damn anoyong ( u guys should def do a option to dezactivated like with avatars and everything ) or atleast if the show at one table or just in lobby thats superannoying and i guess no t only for me 

Plz add more sng formats ( i really wanted to play here alot  but i guess i will leave if something interesting will no t be add)

Mtts are no t enough running the same time (maybe are good if u play all stakes same time) (an autoclick timebank would be super great )



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