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News header in poker program about community

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Hello Unibet,

Just a little suggestion about this brand new community.

As a poker player, i only log in Unibet via the poker stand alone program and i think it would be a good idea if you would mention this new community in the newsheader in the poker program :)       like you do when there is a twitch stream, a special promo for the month, etc.....

I believe it would make it known quicker and better to the unibet players that only play poker.

If i didnt see a community poker freeroll in the lobby, i wouldnt even know about this new forum.

I hope to see new players in here very soon :)

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Welcome aboard, ! :)

Right now we're just testing out the site, but on Wednesday or Thursday next week, we'll properly launch the site; we'll invite  a lot of customers by email, add links from Unibet.com and promote the community in the poker client - just as you suggest.

See you at the table this evening :)

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