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Chip Dumpin on NL4


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Hand #467311786

morree11 raises to 3.98€, keeps 0.02€  

hjhhgcgf2 re-raises to 4€

morree11 folds.

Hand #467312049

morree11 raises again (after reloading) to 3.98€, keeps himself 0.02€ as last time

hjhhgcgf2 re-raises to 7.80€

morree11 folds again.

Hand #467312608

morree11 and hjhhgcgf2 re-raising each other and morree11 folds again when he has only 0.02€ left.


Are they doing this for getting a double trouble ticket ?

They are technically sending each other money.

It can get even worse if they start cooperating against others.

Please block these idiots.



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Thanks for reporting! @JeppeL and I took care of it yesterday and suspended multiple accounts associated with each other. I'll discuss the issue with the player safety team to see what we can do - an easy solution would be not to have the poker cash offer on signup.

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