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Flip sng promotion


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I was expected a sng promotion for such a long time .I was not expected to be a great EV as incentive but Flip sng seem to be the worst payback from a promotion i ever seen in my life (if you ll get lucky enough ).In this moment the value of this tournament is 2.25 euro not even 4 euro buy in sng.

"We won't run promos for just one game type for every month in the summer.  If we do that we defeat ourselves - players need to play the games normally, otherwise there's no real point in us offering them.  "

Ok i see but i am agree that you dont have to make a promo just to do it .this is no value prmotion , you have increased the number of players on 4  but you killed the games on 2 and 10 .

In cash games if you will stop give them promotion each month and affiliates will stop given rake races are you agree with me that 60-70 % from cash pool players will leave?I can bet that.

I am dissapointing of two things :

1.is non value promotion where you have to get lucky enough to get 4 euro

2.games at 2 euro is dead - each time i try to play i dont have games



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