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My web client journey to Unibet Open London 2017(nick SamiHarha)


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Out lol:laugh:

To be honest i didn't play well, was card dead too for the latter part of my tournament😞

Well, no biggie though, payed €3 for it and got more experience😃

I'm just gonna get another ticket and try again!

That's it for now, thanks for all your support and comments!

Good night everybody and see you at the tables😏

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A summary of my web client journey to Unibet Open London using the nick SamiHarha:

fri:Started blog, some success

Sat:Getting serious, posting hands and stuff:laugh:finished runner up in UO freeroll for a UO 50 ticket

Sun: gamble mode, played a Sunday Final without success

My hunt for UO London 2017 package is definitely on...just gonna use some random aliases. I will also do a more conservative approach as suggested by some of my commenters.

The opportunity was just too good to pass:

1.start package blog on Friday

2.bag a package on Sunday

That would have been good blog material:laugh:

Anyways thanks for your support and see you in tonight's community freeroll.

My alias will be KampelaFace😃

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Well i guess i'm going to use this thread some more.

I know Scott;) (who is a great guy by the way, only met him for few seconds) has an eye on this thread so i'm going to address a few issues with the web client.

Lost a €2 UO buy-in, wasn't able to log in.

Full tournament schedule also went black.

Check the "fold to any bet" box, the web client takes you back to the table to witness the folding of that useless hand.

It's a real hassle to keep track of your situation in tournaments. It also sucks out the enjoyment recreational players like me get from poker.

Well i think the separate lobby would be a great idea. That's all folks!

See you at the tables!😃


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Good luck, hope to see you in London :)

FYI, UO London runs from 23-26 February (although I imagine we'll organise a special live stream on the 22nd).

“Heroes are heroes because they are heroic in behavior, not because they won or lost.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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