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Embark on a Poker Journey: From Bankroll Building to Big Wins! #Roadtoamillion

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My name is R. and I live in Europe.

I've been a cash game player for a few years alongside my studies and then my job. I primarily played CG on PokerStars at first, then on Unibet. I've managed to build a bankroll from €50 to around €5,000 twice. I've also played a bit on other poker rooms and live cash games where I likely won a few thousand euros, before cashing out and taking a break for several long months each time. Work, friends, family, love, you know, life.

I'm starting this project with a bankroll of €250 on Unibet, and I plan to primarily play SNGs starting from SNG 1 and 2 and progressing up to SNG 25 (although I don't believe there's a lot of volume at that limit in SNGs).

The plan is initially simple:

  • Play as many SNGs as possible for 3 months (May 1st - July 31st)
  • Work hard on this new game format (any tips?)
  • Adjust every 15 days to move up or move down (lol)
  • Evaluate the results and next steps in 3 months (Stick to SNGs? Go back to CG? Mix in MTTs+SNGs?) Well, we'll have time to think about that, one project at a time.

I'm coming back into the game with very different ambitions my friends.

I'll post the progress of this challenge here every week.

Good luck at the tables!

See you soon

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Hey @Nutsyz, nice challenge.
I have a feeling that SNG became a pariah of the poker world since spins arrived... (Did you try Hexapro? I myself find it quite intriguing)
I'm curios if you will find the volume you seek and surely will follow your journey 🙂
Cya at the tables

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@miziel Hello, i never really grinde the hexapro, i see that the very popular format in every room, but i'm not interesting for the moment by this 😛

@Iceman Thanks bro ! Yes i need to work better my ICM and my "push or fold" spot, but i think i have a good base, i already read à lot of things and look many videos about the SNG strategy, but you know, i still have a lot of learn about the SNG.

@KrustyTheClown Hello, i want to see other things atm, maybe come back in CG in 3 month, i will see 31 july what'the next step for building BR.

See you at the tables ! Have a nice day !

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