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€100 -> €5k in 50 days


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Hi guys, my first thread here.  I've been playing on Unibet for about 6 months, just playing whatever without any real care about grinding one stake for a prolonged period.  Well I've decided to set myself a challenge of turning €100 into €5k within 50 days.  I'll admit I've had a little head start as I played a €100 hexa (all that was in the account), won it for €150 and then repeated to leave me €200.  With that, I am now going to go and play some proper poker with some €10 HUSNGs.  The plan is to play these until €500 where I will have a 10BI shot at the €25 HUSNGs and I will start mixing in some 25nl cash games at this bankroll level too.  I am experienced with all formats of poker and will try and game select where possible.  I'll then add in 50nl at maybe €1500 but the main goal is getting to the €50 HUSNGs at €2500.

At the following ROI's I will need to play this many games before I can move up:

4% - 750 games

6% - 500 games

8% - 375 games

10% - 300 games

I reckon I can achieve a 6% ROI and I will be 4 tabling.  ROI will be reduced by multitabling but hoping to get this first stage completed within 5 days.  

I will update with results and I'll try find some interesting hands each day but this thread is more for keeping me accountable.

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