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Winnings calculation


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Hi all,

I was playing today a virtual game,a kind of a bingo game at offline romanian agencies. The game is like this: 48 numbers, 35 numbers to be extracted and 6 numbers to be guest in order to win. It's a bingo game with odds from 25000 to 1. If you guess 6 numbers the amount of winnings depends on the last ball out of 6 that landed on a different odd. 

That odd is multiplied x2 stake,so if last ball landed on odd 10 you won 20. Also you can put 7 numbers in a sistem 6 out of 7. My issue is that I have hit the 1000 odd with the 6th ball and 20 with the 7th ball,but the winning in my opinion is small.

I've tried to find out how they calculate the winning but without answer so if anyone familiar with romanian offline game please leave a reply. The stake is 1.9 Ron and the winning is only 304 Ron. My numbers where 4 18 24 29 35 39 48. 6/7 sistem


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