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***FANTASY CRICKET*** Metro Bank One-Day Cup 2023 (CricketXI.com) - £5 Money Leagues

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Hey Unibeters,

Due to the responses received from several of my existing fantasy CricketXI players I have decided to run my two (Classic & Head to Head) small stakes fantasy money leagues on this season's Metro Bank One-Day Cup. This will probably only be of interest to folk in the UK or ex pats of the UK (but any ones welcome to join in - if you like cricket or wanna get into it join it).

I’ve just set up my 2 leagues - one is an open league where you’re all on a ladder based on your total fantasy points scored. The other is a head-to-head type league where you play one other team from the league each round and you win, lose or tie. A win is 4 points, a Tie 2 points and a loss 0. That decides your position in the league with tie breakers to split teams such as points % (difference between points scored and points scored against you).

Also, I think in the head-to-head league the top 6 teams will make the finals (and play across the 3 final rounds) but am trying to get CricketXI to confirm this.

I host all my fantasy games rules, winners history and what have you on TFP (TheFanPub) forum to have one central place folk from all over the internet/world can go to at any time see what I have going on and refer back to rules, payouts etc.

So just wanted to make you cricket liking Unibeters aware as y'all welcome (as long as you've never previously welched on entry fees in a game of mine) to join any of my fantasy leagues.

So if you fancy getting involved in £5 fantasy money league(s) for the Metro Bank 50 Over One Day Cup starting this Tuesday (1st August, 2023) head on over to TFP and have a read of my rules and follow the links to CricketXI's website where you can make up a team and feel free to join my money leagues using my league(s) codes (posted on TFP):

Metro Bank One-Day Cup 2023 (CricketXI.com) - £5 Money Leagues

Metro Bank One-Day Cup 2023.png

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