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withdrawal of money

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@nikolaszHello and welcome to the community!
It all depends on the withdrawal method. In my personal example, withdrawal to the card takes about 3 days. About 12 hours per Neteller, often even faster, very rarely - longer. This page contains all information on withdrawal methods and deadlines.

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Years ago when I had no kids and no ability for anything ... Online casinos era was just beginning  and I was believing I will win all that  money in the world.... 

I was believing so deep that I Will Win A LOT OF MONEY but  when I runned out of money I did believe I  need to borrow  some money from friends  and with that money I will win it back  in the same day I will return borrowed money just next day when I will get my withdrawal. ...  😁😁😁 

Well...it never happened ... but at least I got a lesson by time.... 🙂

That's why this post seems to me funny .... Remaindered  me  many years ago asking costumer service question  like - IF I win a lot of money today will I get it tomorrow?  "... 😁




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