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TFP / BLM - NFL 1 & Done! - 2022/23 (£20 entry fee)


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Hey are you an NFL fantasy football fanatic - yes, then read on…


Well if the answers yes please  check out my 1 & Done game. 

I have 4 entries this year plus a guy in waiting that said he would come in if I get 5+. You have to pick a whole new entry each week of season including Playoffs. But you can never use choices (Head Coaches/Players/Team Defences) more than once. Hence name of game - 1 & Done. The other thing that makes it so hard is post season rounds are worth more points x2 (Wild Card), x3 (Divisional Playoffs) x4 (Championship Games) & x5 (Super Bowl). So it's a headache strategy wise. Do you use studs early but struggle in post season for good players to pick or do you save them but then discover they get hurt or don't make it as far as you thought and thus never get to use them? 

So much thought needs to go in each week plus you need to keep a check on your picks to make sure you've not used them prior. Its £20 for the season and all entry fee money goes back out as prizes so more entries makes the competition better. You can change your mind on your choices but rule is entry must be posted on the TFP (The FanPub) forum thread before first game of any day. Never edit an entry as I use the Post Times to validate entries so an edit invalidates it as it could have been edited after games start. Always make a fresh new post if changing mind on picks. Have a read of full rules (link below). It's like fantasy NFL leagues with points for Yards, TDs etc. All scoring is posted on the thread via pictures. There is a link to my spread sheet on Google sheets where I score everyone's points and you can see all other players entries (including mine - as I play to) with points updated all season long. I'm sure if you big into the NFL you'd like this game to play along side the season, so give it a chance (post your entry before tonights main slate of games start (just don't pick anyone from Thursday Nights game for this week now):

TFP / BLM - NFL 1 & Done! - 2022/23 (£20 entry fee)

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