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Automatic table closure


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 Would someone be able to explain the way "sit out" works here please?

The other day I took a break and I'm sure the clock countdown had about 5mins. Today I had 4 tables open and selected "sit out next BB" and i think it only had about 3 mins on it. Because the countdown started immediately and I had to wait until all tables reached BB i only had about a minute left which wasn't long enough so I aborted and waited until all tables were pretty much equally close to the BB.

While I waited for the last couple of hands I made some notes and in about 30 seconds all my tables came up with the message below. Do I have to build up my time over a period of play or something? Or is it just a bug because a couple of times lately, i sat out when I'm sure I hadn't touched anything.

Apologies if this has all been asked before but I couldn't find the answer.


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