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( Suggestion ) Poker Social Media Freeroll


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Here is an idea to promote Unibet on as many social media platforms as possible, to get new people to come & check out Unibet & maybe join. The Idea :- Have a poker freeroll for all players who share a message from Unibet( A message put together saying something like " I'm part of the Unibet revolution. Come check it out ! ...with a link), on their social media platforms. It could be structured like the Unibet Open Centroll, where you have multiple entries... for every platform that they share the message on ( post it on facebook, tweet the message, add Unibet to their Google circles & all the rest, I don't know them all  LOL ), they get a free entry... or... to involve the whole community, have a raffle contest & the more social media platforms you share the Unibet  " message " on, the more entries you get into the raffle draw. Maybe  could give us some ideas & feedback on this one. Social media is quickly starting to become very popular & I think this will bring in a lot of new faces. Please feel free to add your comments & suggestions. 

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The problem with this is most people on Facebook/Twitter will avoid links because they have been overused for spam/clickbait. The best social media platform to promote Unibet would be Instagram but we'd have to think of a clever marketing technique which would include a short video that would spark interest.

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