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I'm at this almost a week and never in my years have I ever been given such hassle.  I'm encouraged to deposit 50 American for a bonus that can't even be accessed in my region.  Emails aren't replied to and chat doesn't help. 

I getbthis region blocked on a game.  I've never even seen this message on any game. Normally a game isn't even visible and won't load if it's unavailable.  But this game Bonanza Megapays..opens, loads, allos play money mode..and some new error and nobody can simply add my 50.high valued spins to another game.  I've experienced this before and it was quickly resolved...camn someone within the unibey support team, PLEASE handle this? Email support and chat have zero consideration they simply won't reply.

Screenshot_20210704-113115_Samsung Internet.jpg

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