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Where is my deposit bonus and why does support dont work

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I register to the campaign about 50 freespinn on deposit, used the deposit option on the campaign and deposit money... No bonus spinn on my account. And when i click to get a hold of support the site wont open. Why is it that its seems so hard getting these bonus offer right, but the accepting my money is the easyest thing in the world. One would think that when you get a bonus offer that the least you could do was to get it right, but noo!! 9/10 times its a endless hasle of contacting support and practicly beg on your knees to get what you originaly asked for. Why is that, is dealing with the money laundering accusations keeping the staff running full capasity so everything else gets no priority? Or is bad customer service Unibet new slogan - regards very unsatisfied customer 


Truth be told...
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