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Just wanted to highlight that when anyone is playing a slot or even some table games to remind people to grab that screenshot if something was that bad, better still record it and upload. 

I've witnessed some crazy supernatural ball activity on roulette over the years where the ball is clearly possessed,  Example - In one spin the ball will bounce out it's section with so much aggression it was like something out of Harry Potter,  but then strangely a few more spins later the ball goes into it's section with the exact same speed but this time the rear of the section has been covered in Superglue.

Maybe these tables are haunted and lets face it us gamblers don't have much of a voice, the second we start talking or discussing that we lost money on roulette not many people care to listen, NO WAY the casino would risk losing their licence over in Malta or Gibraltar and they have no need to cheat plus plenty people would have won on that spin, yes that is very true but what none of us do know is what the house took or what they stood to lose.

I do love a game now and then of roulette but it's a game that I look at very closely and if that ball starts behaving very weirdly it's not my eyes that's playing tricks on me because a ball simply doesn't act like that,  if a ball bounces out it's section in one spin then it should be pretty much doing the very same in other future spins. The Internet can be a very powerful place and they say the camera never lies, so please if you must have a gamble on the tables or on the slots, please record things and share them with others,  if that slot bonus wasn't fit to be called a bonus then grab a screenshot and give those people that are considering having a gamble a little bit of reality on just how bad things can be, hell you never know, one day these casinos might just work things out and fling us back a few more sardines now and again and keep us from walking away.

Remember - Screenshot or record!



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