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Are you guys kidding (sportbet bonus but no poker)


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It's in Dutch but... They are offering 25% boosted bonus on Belgium - Ivory Coast.


Plain disrespect towards their Pokerplayers who lost al benefits. 

They found ways around the regulation for sportbetting, but not for poker? Are you kidding is?


I suggest a strike of all pokerplaying players from countrys who are playing with a disadvantage. Who is with me?

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This happens all the time:

Gambling regulations are always loosely interpreted when it's about actual gambling (100% -EV for everyone who participates), but when it's about poker (essentially a sport like chess or golf) the rules are always strictly enforced.

Also look at advertisement rules for instance. It's illegal to advertise anything related to gambling, but in every train station or bus stop there are posters promoting casinos or even the national lottery. 

Welcome to Belgium

Edit: or just look at 'unibet experts' freeroll series. Regular Belgian poker players cannot get any extra leaderboard value or rakeback, but sports gamblers get access to poker freerolls with extra value.



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