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Horses To Follow

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I think this might be the place to discus possible horses to follow moving forwards, so it would be remiss of me not to leave this here for sure..

Our organisation is a community organisation, so it's all about the social gain, they are not in any way tipping articles, and the radio we do is not tipping radio, it's just people talking freely and independently on a Community Media CIC about the sport they love, from all over the world.. It is entirely voluntary, this is not a commercial post either.. It is just all about getting the horses out there we have identified since the project started back in April 2018. Unfortunately the first years or so were totally lost due to a hacked site, but the current incarnation is freely available, and all horses in every article, complete with their stories so far (although we are a bit behind updating our databases and spreadsheets, we backed right off when they went behind closed doors) and all the radio we have done since the project started are there for everyone to benefit from whenever they like..

I'll leave a link to the last Horses to Follow article here, and all the other articles in the horses in focus section are in the slideshow at the bottom of the article..


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