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Sick spot, €50 Neptune rebuy. Wug?


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I think im jamming turn most of the times esp after the C/R ( i like alot C/R jam turn here )

Im really not that worried about an 4 but for sure this looks like an 8 ( i dont think he blufs his stack away like that )20bb+ on the river ( i dont think i call there without solid reads ) in most of the scenario i think people there make their blufs with smaller bets ( for example if he plufs 7bb its gonna be verry hard for you to blufjam him anyway)

For example you have 4x he knows that if he bets 7bb or jams you are probably gonna call 

kinda similar goes for 9x because he might think he is playing on site where he is playing versus fishez most of them are more stationary than tight ( that can be considered as another reason why most of the people will not bluff crazy in spots that its busted draw heavy)

This tournaments its aswell a 50euro with rebuy might be hardish tournament so i dont espect someone to bluf their whole stack in that spot

So short version of this is like if blufs with a smaller sizing you are most of the times call or fold(almost never jam unless you have the 8) so if he bets 7 he is gonna get mostly same folds as with jam (so jam its absolute not necesery i dont think he balance alll his top hands with all his busted draws like that on the river for you to hero call)

But with jams he folds all the hands he mostly gonna fold with 7bb bet but you are gonna call with verry similar hands to the jam aswell

Anyway english its not my main languege so hopefully explain well

Good luck and see you at tables

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Pretty weird spot 🤣. I would guess that neither of you should have many eights or fours as played. I doubt villain would value bet much worse than a four here but I could be wrong. Seems very suspicious, you unblock missed flush draws and straight draws and you block KK if villain decided to go crazy with overpairs.

I guess there is some chance that villain bet the turn small with 8x to protect from draws/bluffs and decided to go all in when they boated up on the river. Anyway, I might call like a calling station here given the amount of missed draws and the fact that you are mostly repping a 9 here so it makes sense for villain to put a lot of pressure :P. Depends what I think of villain of course.

I think checkraise flop, check turn or checkraise flop, bet turn small or check call flop and turn are all ok options at least. Check raise flop, jam turn seems slightly thin though because you are mostly only getting called by worse if villain has a worse 9x (there are 21 combos of overpairs, maybe about 10 combos of 4x and I guess about 40 combos of worse 9x in villains range). But maybe it is still ok.

Anyway I don't play tournaments so don't listen to me.


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@CuteRaven I like jamming turn because you have a ton of fold eq and you put the presure on him and not the other way around wich does matter alot there and he might fold some hands that can hit the river alot of times ( you might be happy with the fold there) and if you get called by the jam you still have a good chance to win the hand  esp if we take out alot of overpairs from his range

I think its verry hard to play pasive /showdown value after you C/R from my point of view on that board

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@ProMode93I see what you mean. If that is the best way to play the hand after a checkraise though, I think being happy of a fold with a hand that is normally strong value would mean that a check raise with this hand is not that good. And I don't think we can necessarily take many overpairs out of villains range, but maybe some villains would 3bet jam some overpairs on the flop. Some opponents would call the raise in position with all their overpairs I think.

Anyway, maybe you are right, I don't really play tournaments :D

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