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Private tournaments


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I belive there is many Private and\or invite only already but how to get inn there is another question.

There is 1 page online (jackpotfreerolls) who offer free tickets to Unibet Poker players frequently....for free.

Other than that like a real Private tournament, arranged by anyone the big question I do have is:

Who will pay the Cash prize`s?

Other than me of course I do love this ;)

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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We used to have private tournaments when we were on MPN, but almost nobody played them.  I think we made about €10 per month from them.

So we never put them on the priority list for our own poker software.  We do sometimes get requests like this, but I would need a lot of convincing to prioritise them over something else like a hand replayer or rebuys.

The password protected tournaments you sometimes see are for affiliates or local promotions.  We set them up manually like we do the normal tourney schedule.

Former head of poker @ Unibet
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